Calendar of Events

June Range Schedule

Just a note on shooting at the outdoor range.

Most berms have a firing line which needs to be maintained. An Example of incorrect usage are the piles of brass ahead of the firing lines on all berms. With respect to the popper targets and all steel targets, it is a safety issue where the projectiles can come back and strike the shooter. All berms are marked as to what can be shot. For berms 4 thru 7, pistol doesn’t mean the shooting of an “AR type pistol in 300 blackout” with a barrel up to a length just less than a rifle length barrel. The steel is a better grade but not built to withstand numerous rounds from a firearm of this caliber. Please read and adhere to the signs and remember, the ranges and all installed equipment belongs to you and all other members of Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club. If we spend your money in fixing and making repairs to equipment, we won’t have the funds for the expansion/upgrades and nice things like the front gate.

Thanks, Ken Roylance

Jun 29                                    –         7 PM                              July board meeting indoor range

Jul 2                                       –          8 AM                             22 BPCR outdoor silhouette range

Jul 3, 10, 17, 24, 31          –             9-11 AM                       Open shooting indoor range

Jul 4                                       –           All Day                         Happy Independence Day

Jul 5, 12, 19, 26                  –            9-11 AM                      Open shooting indoor range

Jul 5, 12, 19, 26                  –             6 PM                           High power league chicken coop outdoor range

Jul 10                                     –           9 AM                 –        NRA 60 mid range high power outdoor range

Jul 16                                     –           8:30 AM                 –   New member orientation indoor range

Jul 16                                     –           9 AM                 –         80 shot high power outdoor range

Jul 17                                     –           9 AM                 –         Springfield 1903/1903A3 match outdoor high-power range

Jul 17                                     –           1:30 PM                 –              Bordello silhouette range outdoor range

Jul 25                                     –           8 AM                 –              BPTRA 30 shot rifle shoot outdoor range