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Please read the following and share with every CRPC club member you know!

To the illiterate individual(s) who went into the pistol house and shot a chicken and pig silhouette target. These targets have been used for over 20 years without damage until you took a .30 caliber firearm, 308 or 3006, possibly rifle, and shot the steel targets causing destructible damage that can’t be repaired. The chicken is $100.70 and the pig $120.00 plus shipping and tax. There is no shooting of a rifle  in the pistol house and it seems this is all that could have damaged the targets that bad. The targets belong to all club members and you destroyed them. If this keeps up, the cost of membership will have to be increased to pay for the irresponsible destruction of club property by a few.

The person who took the table and rifle rest to the 300 yard shooting berm on the high power range from the bench rest house, the equipment is to remain in the location it is assigned to. You can build your own bench . The table and rifle rest were left out in the elements. The least you could do is take the table back to where it was, not just move and leave it where ever you quit shooting.

If you have any information on the person or persons responsible for this, please contact any board member.  Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence!

30 cal bullet on silhouettes.jpgchicken with 30 cal bullet strike.jpgpig with 30 cal bullet strikes.jpgbench at 300 yd.jpg

The junk pile and old outhouse located at rifle and pistol range have been buried by Jim Frauendienst, Leaning Tree Homes, Inc.

Anyone interested in shooting the Winchester Pistol Program on Sundays 1100 am – 100 pm, contact Ken Roylance, 307-631-3722.

Aug 31                                   –              700 pm                 –              Board meeting indoor range

Sep 2                                     –              1945                       –              VJ Day  

Sep 3, 17, 24                       –              9 – 11 am            `-             Open shooting indoor range

Sep 4                                     –              2023                       –              Labor Day

Sep 5, 12, 19, 26                –              9 – 11 am            `-             Open shooting indoor range

Sep 9, 10                              –              8 am – 5 pm       –              Basic Pistol Class indoor range

Sep 17                                   –              130 pm                 –              Bordello out door range pistol house (if we can get targets replaced by this time)