FFL Transfer Policy

FFL Transfer Policy

Click here for a pdf of the CRPC FFL Transfer Form

As of March 2, 2022, the Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club (CRPC) policy for reception of firearms for members is as follows:

 1.  There will be surcharge of $10.00 for firearms transfers which will assist in funding the junior program.

2.  Members will email all order information to crpcffl@gmail.com. This includes requests to send the club’s FFL as well as order information (sender, shipping, etc.).  Telephone messages will NO LONGER be accepted!

3.  All FFL transfer requests must contain the following information:

  • The name of the club member, including their member ID, address, email address, and phone numbers.
  • What is being ordered or to be received and who it was ordered from, when it is to be sent and by what carrier.
  • Contact information for the sender, including name, email address, physical address, phone number, etc.
  • Indicate if a copy of the club’s FFL should be sent/provided to the sender.

4.  When the buyer receives new or updated shipping information, it should be forwarded to the above email.

5.  Because of limited hours of availability at the club, the shipment may be ordered “held by the shipper” for pickup by the clubs FFL designee on the license. This is a fairly common occurrence at the present time.

6.  The club’s FFL designee will contact the recipient as to when they may pick up the firearm at the indoor range.

7.  ALL firearms received by the CRPC will be entered into the mandatory bound BATFE record book and a BATFE Form 4473, as well as the mandatory NICS background check, will be performed before the buyer can take possession. However, if the buyer has a valid Wyoming Concealed Firearm License (CFL), the NICS check will not be necessary, but the buyer will still present the CFL and driver’s license to the club’s FFL designee as documentation.

8.  The parcel MUST have the purchaser’s name on the INSIDE and no where on the OUTSIDE of the package.  This is a ruling by FedEx and UPS.  The only name on the outside of the package / label, will be “Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club.”

9. The purchaser should request the shipper to allow the parcel to be held.  This allows the club’s FFL holder to pickup the parcel from either FedEx or UPS.

10.  If the purchaser requests that the shipment be allowed to be held for pickup at a UPS or Fedex facility, but the sender does not allow the shipment to be heldfor pickup, the Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club (CRPC) FFL designee then has limitedoptions.  The FFL designee will make reasonable good faith efforts to meet the shipper’s truck at the indoor range address to receive the shipment; however since UPS and Fedex have widely varying delivery times during any particular day (usually a 12-hour window for delivery is quoted), meeting a delivery driver may not be successful.Normally, UPS and Fedex make a delivery attempt three times, after which the parcel is returned to the sender, in which case the purchaser and the sender will have to make otherarrangements.

However, neither the CRPC nor the FFL designee will be liable and the CRPC will not refund any shipping costs or fees should this situation occur.