Outdoor Range

Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club is pleased to offer its’ members a 320 acre outdoor range located northwest of the City of Cheyenne.

The outdoor range is home to numerous berms, a 22 LR only range with steel targets, a shotgun range with a clay pigeon thrower, a silhouette range with steel targets, a pistol range, a benchrest house, and a long-distant range out to 600 yards.

Guests are welcomed to shoot on the outdoor range provided they are accompanied by a member.  During the summer there are numerous public events held where the range is open to those participating in the event.

UPDATE – February 2022

We now have our new gate installed, and it has been in use for several months.  If you have not had a chance to go use the Outdoor Range and try your code on the new gate, it is definitely worth the drive out!

Directions to the outdoor range

  • Use I-25 to get to Horse Creek Rd/WY-211 (Exit 16)
  • From Horse Creek and I-25, go west 3 miles to Telephone Rd (Road 120), and turn north on Telephone Rd.
  • Continue north on Telephone Rd. for 2 miles to Ritzke Rd (Road 217).  Watch for a stack of tires on the east side of the road and a white communications hut on the west side of the road.
  • To the east of this intersection is an unmarked road going east.  The gate to the range is right there.