Calendar of Events

December Range Schedule

Anyone interested in the Winchester Pistol Program on Sunday Morning 1100 am – 100 pm please contact Ken Roylance, 307-631-3722, or If there is enough interest will start program in November.

Anyone interested in running for the Board of Directors, three year term, 2023 – 2025 please contact Ken Roylance.

Dec 1, 8, 15                 –           600 pm            –           Junior Rifle program indoor range

Dec 2                           –           700 pm            –           Board meeting indoor range

Dec 3                           –           900 am            –           Frozen Chosin Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club outdoor range. Benchrest house will be used          Meal room after the match, no shooting

December 3, 2022 is the last high power shoot of the year, “The Frozen Chosin” high power rifle match at the outdoor range. The shooting starts at 10:00 am. Assistance is needed to assist the range director with running the shoot. If you are willing to help, contact Ryan Fictum, 805-757-1676, to volunteer for range assistance.

Dec 4, 11, 18               –           9 – 11 am        –           Open shooting indoor range

Dec 4, 11, 18               –           11 am – 1 pm  –           Winchester pistol program indoor range

Dec 5, 12, 19, 26         –           9 am – 6 pm    –           Bullseye indoor range

Dec 6, 13, 20, 27         –           9 – 11 am        –           Open shooting indoor range

Dec 7                           –                                   –           Pearl Harbor

Dec 25                         –                                   –           MERRY CHRISTMAS

Laramie Rifle Range Corp and Marine Corps League Detachment 777

Frozen Chosin Memorial Match and Toys for Tots Drive.

Mission:  Remember the Chosin Reservoir battle and donate Christmas toys to Laramie kids.

Date/Time:  Saturday, December 10, 2022.

0800                LRRC and Det 777 personnel present and ready for duty

0830-0855      Sign up/Squadding in Clubhouse

0900                Flag raising/National Anthem by the flagpole

0905 – 0935   Sign-up/Squadding in clubhouse

0940                Range & Course of Fire orientation

1000                1st Relay to the firing line

????                 Hot Lunch and Awards

Location:  Laramie Rifle Range, 73 Rifle Range Rd, Laramie, WY.  Located 3.8 miles north of Laramie, just off Roger Canyon Rd (North 9th St).  We have a heated club house with men & women restrooms.

Entries and Fees:  Limited to 40 shooters, 4 relays of 10 shooters.  Bring 1 new, unwrapped toy and a $5.00 bill to pay for 2 targets, hot food and drink.  Please bring exact change.  Call/text ahead to make reservations and cancellations with Richard Jamharian, 505-264-8892.  Spectators are welcome to watch from behind the 120 yd line and must have eye and ear protection.

Firearms:  Bring a military service rifle and a semi-auto pistol, both with iron sights. No optical or electronic sights are allowed.  The course of fire matches the M-1 Garand (8 rds) and Colt 1911 (7 rds).  Bring a minimum of 5 clips/mags of 8 rds for rifle and 3 mags of 7 rds for pistol.  This avoids reloading magazines between stages.  Bolt action rifle shooters should use stripper clips (bring a min 8 clips of 5 rds or 10 clips of 4 rds).  Bolt gunners will get time to reload 4 rds in the middle of each stage.  No specialized shooting coats allowed.  Slings are allowed but no other shooting aids are permitted.  Each firing point will have items to use as cover and rests.  Zero rifles for 100 yds in advance as no sight-in period is allowed.   Bring a small bag for empty magazines and brass.

Safety:  Don’t show up under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Eye and ear protection are required.  Dress for the weather.  Bring your rifle in a soft case with a chamber flag.  Have your pistol unloaded, magazine out, slide closed and hammer down in a strongside belt or chest holster.  No shoulder or cross draw holsters allowed.  Ensure both firearms are unloaded and cased/ holstered when you arrive and when transporting to/from the firing line.  Have all rifle and pistol magazines loaded in advance and in a belt, vest or pocket.  Listen to and obey the Range Officer’s safety instructions.

Course of Fire: (Engage safeties on rifles or have bolt actions open after each repetition)

Rifle: 100 yds (40 shots total, accommodations will be made for shooters with physical limits)

Stage 1:  15 seconds, standing/off-hand, 2 shots, 4 reps.

Stage 2:  15 seconds, transition standing to kneeling, 2 shots, 4 reps.

Stage 3:  30 seconds, transition standing to sitting, 4 shots, 2 reps.

Stage 4:  30 seconds, transition standing to prone, 4 shots, 2 reps.

Stage 5:  100 seconds, 2 shots each standing, kneeling, sitting, prone, 1 rep.

Pistol: 30/20/10 yds (21 shots total)

Stage 5:   40 seconds, 7 shots at 30 yds, transition from standing to kneeling.

Stage 6:   30 seconds, 7 shots at 20 yds, standing.

Stage 7:   20 seconds, 7 shots at 10 yds, standing.

Scoring:  Write your name on both targets during sign-in/squadding.  Targets will be collected after each relay and scored in the club house.  Prizes will be awarded.

Drinks and food: Hot food and drinks will be provided in the club house after the match.