Board of Directors

The 2021 Board of Directors welcomes you and encourages members to attend our monthly meetings, held on the first Friday of every month at 7:00 pm at the indoor range.

2021 Club Officers

President                     Ken Roylance                         307-631-3722

Vice-President            Mike Gostovich                        307-634-6229

Treasurer                     Troy Fry                                          307-637-5016

Secretary                     Rocky Edmonds           970-237-0180

                                                                                                                              (w)  970-212-1865 

Board Of Directors

John Briggs                                                            307-640-3073

Harry White                                                              307-635-1637

Chris Petrie                                                           307-640-1643

Robert (Bob)Mathews Jr                                           307-256-9233

Steve Boldebuck                                                       720-921-5103

George Mowl.                                                          307-286-0004

Samantha Winney                             307-630-6889

Webmaster – Social Media Director

Bob Mathews –

NRA Firearms Instructors

Rocky Edmonds

Juniors Program

John Springer