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Someone has gone into the benchrest house and shot through the West wall of the building with 13 rounds. The bullets passed thru the siding on the building and who knows where the rounds ended up. Unknown who did this but the individual(s) who did it destroyed the exterior of a perfectly good building that belongs to the membership of the club. Photos attached above. Please inspect the ranges you use and report any damage when noted so we have a better idea of when it happened. If anyone noted these bullet holes at the bench rest house prior to May 24, please advise Ken Roylance.

For those using the trap range, we picked up around 150 hulls that were scattered about the ground. We are all volunteers who picked up your garbage. Please be considerate of other members and pick up and haul off your hulls and boxes of empty clay targets. Leaving your junk  in the garbage cans only causes someone else, a volunteer, to haul your garbage off.  Be considerate of the other members.

Someone has driven into the gate and caused damage to the electronic lock. Everything is working but we have to replace the electric lock due to the damage that was caused. We do not have any ideas who did the damage or when it was done.

Benchrest west wall #1.jpg

June range schedule:

May 31 – June 1                –              All Day                  –              Indoor range closed for maintenance

Jun 2                                      –              7:00 pm               –              Board meeting indoor range

Jun 4, 11, 18, 25                –              9-11 am                –              Open shooting indoor range

Jun 4                                      –              9 am                      –              NRA mid range high power shoot outdoor range

Jun 6, 13, 20, 27                –              9-11 am                –              Open shooting indoor range

Jun 6, 13, 20, 27                –              8:30 pm               –              Summer high power league outdoor range

Jun 14                                    –              All Day                  –              Flag day

Jun 17                                    –              8:30 am                –              NRA 80 shot high power outdoor range

Jun 18                                    –              all day                   –              Fathers Day

Jun 18                                    –              8:30 am                –              Club M-1 fun match outdoor range

Jun 24                                    –              8:30 am                –              BPCR big bore match outdoor range