Pistol Silhouette

All Pistol Silhouette events have been cancelled.
If you are interested in leading this event, contact the Board of Directors!

Pistol Silhouette range goes by the IHMSA rules that were established by Elgin Gates back in the 70s   Silhouette shooting actually hails from Mexico in the 19th century. Today we have matches all over the US, and many other countries.

The course is as follows, big bore is the bigger targets on the left side of the range, chickens at 50 meters, pigs at 100 meters, turkeys at 150 meters, and Rams at 200 meters. When we have Matches the small bore and Field pistol are on the left, Chickens at 25 yards, Pigs at 50 yards, Turkeys at 75 yards and Rams at 100 yards.

You have 2 minuets to shoot at 5 targets with 5 shots starting at the left, you shoot two banks of chickens, then 2 banks of pigs and so on thru the rams. It is a somewhat relaxed sport on time but we adhere strictly to the range and IHMSA rules…

On the big bore, popular calibers are 7tcu, 7br, 30-30, 6br, 7ihmsa, 357 and 44 mag.

On the small bore, it’s 22 rim fire only.

On the field pistol it’s any straight wall cartridge 1.29” in length including 22 mag and 270 REM.

New to the sport is Bordello pistol, same course of fire as above but its full size animals at the field pistol range. A self-defense revolver with a barrel 5” or less with open sights is used.

Don’t let all this scare you or the idea of “MATCH” the feeling you get when you hear that steel ring is mighty satisfying. The People are what make the sport, no egos allowed, a great family sport.

Don’t forget to visit our national website at http://ihmsa.org.

Really hope to see new faces this year, if you don’t have the correct gun and want to give it a shot let me know I have plenty of guns and ammo. The shooters will help you along the way.

For additional match dates check the IHMSA website schedule.

Thanks everyone and hope to see you on the range!