Juniors Program

Juniors Program

Junior Rifle Program
(open to the public)

CRPC appoints John Springer as the new Director for the CRPC Junior’s Program!

Starting on the first Wednesday of November,  the Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club will begin its weekly Junior 22 Rifle Program at the CRPC indoor range. Each year the program runs from November thru April. Because of the demand for this program, it has been expanded to two relays on Wednesday night and two relays on Thursday night each week, and a maximum of 56 youth shooters. The program accepts new or experienced youth shooters ages 10-18 years. Shooters are awarded medals as their skill level increases, and there is a fun night at the end of the season. Each night will be limited to 28 shooters (2 relays) for a total of 56 shooters.

Sign-up is on a first come, first served basis. Registration will begin at 6:00pm and is held at the Indoor Range at 2621 East 7th Street, Cheyenne, WY  82001. The Program fees are $40.00 per year per student.

Updates & announcements will be posted on either the website or our Facebook pages, or both.  You can also call the CRPC Junior Rifle Program Director at 520-429-6404.

A link to the application can be found at the bottom of this page!

Junior Details and Rules

General Rules

  1. We will limit the CRPC Junior Program to 56 persons.
  2. Each shooter will be issued their equipment at the Arms Room door. After placing rifle, ammo and other equipment in position on the range, shooters will return to the ready room area until directed to go to their position by the Range Master. Note that Eye & Ear Protection is the shooter’s personal responsibility.
  3. A shooter will only be allowed to fire 1 relay per week for record. Shooters may fire for practice in another relay if there is room, but scores for a second relay will not be counted.
  4. Shooters will not be allowed to touch or score their targets after firing. Scores will be adjusted only if scores or tally are in error. Shooting positions are Prone (P), Sitting (S), Kneeling (K), and Standing/Offhand (O)
  5. Shooters may not shoot in more than one position per relay. Qualifying scores above what is required for that level will be carried to the next level if they meet the requirements.
  6. NO Juniors will be admitted until 6:00 PM. 1st Relay will begin at 6:10 or as soon as we have a full line. 2nd relay will begin at approximately 7:00 or as soon as we can replace targets, issue rifles & ammunition, etc. The times may vary slightly. All shooters who are in the 2nd relay should be ready to shoot at 6:50 PM.
  7. All Juniors may be asked to help out in the kitchen during the Gun Show. A sign-up sheet will be available a couple of weeks prior to the Gun Show. This is the only money- making activity to help fund the Juniors Rifle program. DO NOT bring brothers, sisters, or friends to work with you!
  8. All current CRPC Juniors who reach their 18th birthday can join the CRPC as a regular member without paying initiation fee or being on the waiting list. Juniors must have been enrolled in program for two (2) continuous years AND must complete all levels; or continue each consecutive year from joining until they turn 18.
  9. Parents may watch their child from behind the line if they do not interfere with the coaches or the adjacent shooters. If there is interference the parent will be asked to leave the line.
  10. The Arms Room is OFF LIMITS to shooters and non-authorized personnel. Authorized personnel will be told who they are.
  11. A Packet will be issued to each registered shooter to include: a sample target – a copy of Shooting Levels, copies of the General Rules and range rules, and a copy of the season schedule.
  12. For more information call the CRPC Junior Rifle Program Director at 520-429-6404.

Junior’s Program Range Rules

Range Rules of Conduct

Firearms Safety:

  1. Always Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction!
  2. Always Keep Finger Off the Trigger Until Ready to Shoot!
  3. Always Keep Firearm Unloaded Until Ready to Use!

Range Safety Rules:

  1. When carrying your rifle always keep the action open and the empty chamber indicator in the barrel, and when on the line, do NOT load until given command to “Load”!
  2. Obey all commands from the Range Officer! Anyone can give the command “CEASE FIRE!” if they see anything unsafe occurring.
  3. Whenever handling your rifle, always keep the action open and the rifle pointed downrange or up.

Range Commands:

All shooters wait until given commands:

  1. Move to Firing Line!” Once everyone is in position, you may pick up your rifle. DO NOT LOAD YET. Use the time to adjust your sling, put on shooting glasses and ear protection, place the ammunition block where it’s easy to reach, etc.
  2. Load! Get into position and load your rifle. KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF OF THE TRIGGER!!
  3. Commence Firing! Begin and continue to fire until you finish your target or hear CEASE FIRE! Raise your hand if you have a problem!
  4. CEASE FIRE! Stop shooting immediately; don’t try to get off another shot. Keep the firearm pointed down range with your finger off trigger.
  5. After you have fired your string/finished your target, raise your hand. DO NOT LEAVE THE FIRING LINE UNTIL A RANGE OFFICER HAS CHECKED YOUR FIREARM!

CLICK HERE to access the Juniors Program Application
The application is a “fillable” PDF form!

For more information contact John Springer by emailing CRPCJuniors@cheyennerifleandpistolclub.org