2019 Precision Rifle


SATURDAY MAY 25 , 2019

TIME:                   0845 A.M.  Squadding                  0900 A.M. – Firing commences

LOCATION:         Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club Outdoor High-Power Rifle Range

FEES:                    $10.00 Total (CHECKS PAYABLE TO PAUL WARD)

RIFLES:                 Bolt guns, semi-auto, scoped, open sights. Rifles needs to hold 4 rounds of ammo for rapid fire stages. Front rest, bi-pods, back packs and slings may be used. Sound suppressors are welcome.   

PISTOL:                Center fire pistol with 3 mags

AMMO:               Any Safe Ammo. NO tracer, AP or incendiary.

COF:                     600, 500, 400 Yards. 2minutes for sighters. 10 mins/10 shots slow fire, target pulled and marked after each shot. 4 shot Rapid fire/ 30 seconds, shot 3 times for total of 12 rds.  Each distance requires 22 rds + sighters for total of 66 rds for record.  Pistol COF will be paper/ steel targets and shot for time. Holster and extra mags needed

INFO:                    Contact Paul Ward at 307-421-7759 or by email at pard@bresnan.net if more info is needed.